Worry-Free Website Maintenance

Sunshine City Web Design offers website maintenance services only to clients whose websites we have developed.


Small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit staff members often carry a heavy load, working many hours with few days off. Adding website maintenance to an already burdensome schedule often has a poor result: a site that is not updated when needed, simply because no one has the time or energy to devote to it. Ultimately, the outdated site affects income, because visitors who don’t have a good experience there are less likely to spend there.

“Highly satisfied visitors to nonprofit websites are 49 percent are more likely to donate money to the nonprofit and 38 percent more likely to volunteer when compared to dissatisfied online visitors. Satisfied web visitors are also 66 percent more likely to use the website instead of a costlier channel as the primary resource. By channeling visitors to the website for information and donations, nonprofits can reduce costs, build loyalty, and drive donations.”Customer Satisfaction With Nonprofit Websites Increases Donations, Volunteering, Loyalty

For a very reasonable fee, you can know your website is always up-to-date, always attractive, always engaging, and always a great “front door” on the web to your enterprise.

When we maintain your website, we promote it through our main website and through our newsletters and social media accounts for no additional charge; that’s one of many ways we say “thank you” for relying on us.

And we’re always here for you, to answer questions about domains, hosting, best practices, email issues, social network marketing, and more.

For these reasons, contracting for website maintenance by Sunshine City Web Design is a smart move.


Maintenance fees are billed quarterly in advance and are based on time, expertise and expenses related to weekly website updates (or more frequent updates, as required). We can provide an estimate for maintenance fees when we estimate the cost of website development. Fees may be periodically adjusted to reflect changes in time/costs required for maintenance.


All websites are updated as needed with information received via email or phone from the client, who is notified by email whenever an update has been completed.


Clients usually provide the content (images, text, video links, etc.) for their websites; however, our staff is highly qualified and ready to provide professional copy writing and design services upon request.

Our standard website maintenance service includes:

  • Updates as needed to home page and all other existing pages on a website
  • Updates to events calendar
  • Conversion of Word and Publisher files to web-friendly PDF
  • Purchase of stock art and photos as needed
  • Photo editing to web-friendly standards
  • Posting of videos on home page and calendar pages when appropriate or requested
  • Posting of newsletters in PDF format
  • Editing of all text, using The Associated Press Stylebook as a reference guide
  • Additions to online stores
  • Alerts regarding formatting problems or incorrect information in client’s e-publications
  • Integration with social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn

We also provide these services on an as-needed basis for additional fees:

  • Development of additional web pages, as requested
  • Revision of website header and/or basic website design
  • Development of custom video for home page or other web page
  • Blog setup
  • Social media page/profile setup and/or maintenance

If you would like more information about our website maintenance services or an estimate, please contact us.


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