Email Hosting

Sunshine City Web Design can host an unlimited number of email accounts attached to your domain, such as We also can set forwarding orders so that email sent to your domain also arrives in your personal inbox.

Our minimum prices for email hosting:

  • For the first email address attached to your domain: $40 per calendar year
  • For each forwarding order: $10 per calendar year
  • For each change in email set-up: $10-$40 per request, depending on amount of support time required

Email storage always has been unlimited.

Email support (set-up on a new computer, virus removal, troubleshooting and custom solutions) is each client’s responsibility


I have free accounts at gmail and AOL and would rather use those than pay for email hosting. Can I do that?

Yes, you can, although there are reasons you may not want to do that.

  1. Anyone can register a free account at gmail, AOL, Yahoo or several other places on the internet, but only you can own accounts attached to your domain. Using an address that ends in your website address (such as projects a level of professionalism and trustworthiness  you may want to offer to people you communicate with about your products and services.
  2. If you already host your email with us: At the rates we have set, you may find that keeping your hosted email accounts at Sunshine City Web Design is your least expensive option for hosting of email attached to your domain. Here’s why: The time required to remove established email addresses, forwarding orders, inbox contents, and links to those addresses throughout your website is not insignificant. Then new settings and links must be entered to ensure that your web visitors can reach you at other email addresses. The likely result is that changing your set-up may be more expensive than leaving it the way it is.
  3. If you have ever published or used your domain-related email addresses, they are in your clients’ lists of contacts and likely on search pages (Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) all over the web. When your contacts or prospective clients and donors try to reach you through links to domain-related addresses that no longer exist, they will not be able to get in touch without following up with a phone call or extra searches of their contact lists and your website — and may not bother.

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